A Visit to Canada

October 10, 2015

House-sitting in Rubite, Spain

October 10, 2015

A New Mazatlan Life

October 10, 2015

I’m an experimental kind of gal.  And problem-solver.  I like to have a Plan B and I like to be proactive.

So when I look ahead for the fall and winter and begin to see that I will need to curtail the travel costs for a while (and build up the bank account some), and that my condo in Calgary is rented solid until Dec. 17 and doing well on Airbnb (so it isn’t an option to be there, thank goodness), and I happen to see a very nice house come up for rent not too far from where I currently rent an apartment, but it has four bedrooms and three full bathrooms, which is far too big for me and the dogs, a plan begins to swirl in my silver-haired head to bring all these factors together.

So here it is:  I move to the house and take on a house-mate in the form of a young American woman who is trying out living in Mazatlan while working full-time online and needs an inexpensive place to live.


My rent cost is cut by a third.

I offer to rent another room for six months to my BFF in Canada, who has been dying to try out spending more of the winter months in Mazatlan but can’t commit to a solid period of time and can fly back and forth standby on Westjet thanks to her husband’s job as airline Captain.


My rent cost is cut by another third.

I have had such great success with Airbnb and my condo in Calgary, I furnish another room and list it on Airbnb for vacation renting this fall and winter, hopefully earning me not only the rest of my rent but also much of the rest of my living (and eating and drinking) costs here.

Moving wasn’t something I was looking forward to doing in 90 degree heat with 90% humidity, but I looked at it as a job.  It would make my life more enjoyable, save money, and even earn money.  By next summer, I will be ready to travel again.

To be fully free to travel as much as I would like, something more has to happen for me.  I am not retired; I am not financially independent.  I’m just doing the best I can with what I have and plotting for the future.  Plotting Plan B.

My husband and I own a software company.  It has a finished product that works.  It doesn’t have a pretty user-interface, but it works and works well.  It has also not earned us much, and has cost us dearly.  Building a business around a product like this is extremely difficult and obviously, by virtue of the results, a far bigger undertaking than we were up to.

I want to have a fire sale and sell it to the highest bidder – outright.  Another company, one that could use the code and intellectual property as their own and add it to their product line.  One that has the resources and wherewithal to market it and make it look pretty.

Not everyone shares my belief that this is the ONLY answer now.  Particularly my husband.  But with nothing else to show for all of the money and time that has gone into it, and nothing on the horizon, I don’t see what choice we have. The longer it goes on, the less relevant it becomes to anyone.

I’m just trying to be proactive and manifest Plan B.  Forward.

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