The Shipping Container House in Guadalajara

February 4, 2016

Salty Feet, Itchy Feet

February 4, 2016

A Winter in Mazatlan – And cooling “itchy feet”

February 4, 2016

Since October, I have been staying put in Mazatlan in my new rental house, offering rooms for rent on Airbnb and enjoying the company of visiting family and friends.  Amazingly, five months have passed!

In previous years, my life when I was here mainly solitary except for my dogs, and I had a lot of time by myself.  This winter, it is rare that I am alone in the house.  I haven’t found it too bad (surprisingly, for this introvert) and I have actually enjoyed it most of the time. I do have a big bedroom/sitting room with my own bathroom, so that helps.

I have met some very cool people doing Airbnb here.  Canadian, Mexican, Colombian, Australian, American. Women and men, couples and singles.  Young and middle-aged.  My 5 star reviews are piling up.  People love my location, the hummingbirds out on the patio, and the sweet, calm dogs.  They completely accept that people come, and people go, and love the extra petting and attention.

I will carry on this way for the rest of the winter and spring.  It’s been gratifying to see the deposits from Airbnb going into my bank account and when I add them all up, I am amazed.  And now, I have been given a new opportunity to help someone else set up their 6 bedroom historic house (with pool) on Airbnb and assist with the bookings and guests as needed (and get paid for it).  And set up a Facebook page for it too.

Am I working into a new career down here?  What about my vagabonding ways?

I try to not look at the house-sitting websites for now.  It seems that I am being called to stay put for now and conserve and gather my resources.  Many people are aware that my husband, Mike, and I are living separate lives. It’s no longer a secret and I want to be open about it.  We are cooperative with each other.  He is in Canada, working on contract.  This contract ends March 4.  Until we know what is next for him, and where, the best thing I can do, economically, is to stay put and keep on keeping on.

My sons tell me I am the coolest mom ever, so I can take that to the bank anyway!

So, all in all, vagabonding is not in my cards right now.  And that’s okay.  I live in a beautiful house in a beautiful city in Mexico, and meet all kinds of interesting people, and get paid for it.  I have nothing to complain about.

I know this is a very personal post.  Sometimes it is the only and best kind of thing to write.

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  1. Wonderful Susan! I am so glad that you are adjusting so well, but deep down, I knew you would. You are a fighter and a successful one. Love you.

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