Jón Gunnar Árnason (1931 – 1989). Sun Voyager is a dreamboat, an ode to the sun. Intrinsically, it contains within itself the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress and freedom.



According to recent scientific claims, the urge to travel can be traced back to one gene, which is associated with the dopamine levels in the brain. Apparently it is carried by about 20% of humans and is linked with restlessness and curiosity. This restlessness can cause people to take bigger risks which includes exploring new or different places.

These findings suggest that this gene could be the motivation behind the yearning to travel, to move and to see the world: as it possibly did with our ancient ancestors.

Does that mean that 80% of the population is content to stay home?

I am not content. I never was. I have always moved around a lot. I have been living (and exploring) part-time in Mexico since 2009. I have traveled before but relatively late in life I got a taste of longer solo travel with a house-sit in the tiny mountain village of Rubite, Spain. I made stops in Reykjavik, Paris, Malaga and the UK along the way. I never wanted to come back- I wanted to keep going. I fell in love with solo exploration!

Do you have the vagabond gene? You might not know until you try.

I choose to live and travel as frugally as I can. House-sitting, Airbnb, Couch-surfing, and using online tools to help plan a trip in ways that save money. I believe you don’t have to be independently wealthy to travel. In fact, I believe that eliminating possessions like homes and cars and furniture – all of the material “stuff” that weighs us down – allows us to travel freely and for far less money than it would take to support all that stuff.  I’m not retired – I still need to have an income. I just don’t need a large income to live in Mexico and travel frugally.  I have a small e-book for sale on the site – just 99 cents, and I read and recommend books that you can buy by clicking on my links to them in Amazon.



Colourful street in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Photo by Gwen Ysselmuiden.


I’m currently in Mazatlan, Mexico, enjoying the frugal expat life and writing about it. Follow along as I start my life anew, dive into a foreign (and delicious) culture and finally, for the first time, give in to that small voice that’s been in my heart all along: Go, see the world, travel.