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November 29, 2017

Vagabond Scratch Off World Map on Amazon

November 29, 2017

A new (and great) way to get unlimited wifi while traveling

November 29, 2017

Photo by Gwen Ysselmuiden


Hi Vagabonders!

I have had an eventful summer and fall and will be writing a post soon.  For now, I am sadly not traveling, RVing, living in Mazatlan, or anything fun and interesting.  I have my head down, hard at work learning and building an online income – I hope of epic proportions but will settle for enough to fund my vagabond gene’s needs.

To that end, and also in the interest of all of you fellow travelers who might like to know about this new technology, I am announcing my affiliation with Skyroam Solis – a global wifi hotspot device that eliminates the need to swap out sim cards in your phone or tablet and buy limited data in each country, and provides unlimited 4G LTE data to up to five devices.  It can be rented temporarily or purchased outright for a very small amount (in my opinion). We all know how important it is to most of us that we have wifi data available wherever we are!

Solis is a device launched through Kickstarter and is a big hit!

If you use my link and coupon code “VAGABOND” you will get 10% off and I will earn a little money.

Here’s the link:


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