A Winter in Mazatlan – And cooling “itchy feet”

April 3, 2016

Mother’s Day in Tofino

April 3, 2016

Salty Feet, Itchy Feet

April 3, 2016
My younger son Simon and I when he visited me in March.

My younger son Simon and I when he visited me in March.

April in Mazatlan.  Carnaval over, Semana Santa over, Moto Week over.  Snowbirds are flying home.  The sultry summer months are soon to arrive, along with Nationals on their summer vacations.  It should be quiet and slow here for a couple of months now.

I’ve been kicking it with my room rentals in the house all winter.  Moving in here was a great decision last October. It works very well for me, despite a few minor challenges that I feel good about solving by myself – usually in Spanish.

I deliberately broke a window last week to rescue myself from the back patio where I had accidentally locked myself out.  A patio with 10 foot walls on all sides, bars on all windows, and no ladder.  It was a rare day when no-one else was in the house.  In the end, I broke the window to reach in and pull the latch on the door.

I’ve had service people in and out for various things – water supply issues, plumbing, window cleaning, installing light fixtures, getting rid of roosting pigeons, installing new locks, fixing broken hinges and latches – and that’s just the house.  Then there is my Jeep which has needed a few small repairs.  Sometimes I feel that I would love to hand off these kinds of things, but, not having that option, I do it and then feel satisfied that I took care of it myself.

And, despite my vagabond gene and itchy feet, I have dug in and created a small revenue stream here.  Now that I have a long list of great reviews, it will continue to grow and provide, if I wish to continue.  I admit to having thoughts of shutting it all down, selling everything, moving on and going somewhere different, doing something different.  That is my nature.  I’m not a putting-down-roots kind of gal.  When things start to get routine and I find myself doing the same things and going to the same places over and over, I get itchy feet.  It’s a curse.

But I am fighting it for now because I know it is in my own best interest.

Being a host to so many different people for short periods of time is challenge enough.  And I think I am handling it quite well.  It helps to be an adaptable, easy-going, resourceful person.  I tend to under-manage people and expect them to be independent.  I give them a map, a few suggestions, their keys, make room in the fridge, and then go do my own thing.  Hand-holding isn’t my strong point.  One guest mentioned in her review that I didn’t offer her a fresh towel after a week (she stayed 10 days) and thought I should have.  My feeling is she could have asked and I would have been happy to.

So, although I haven’t had much fodder for writing about vagabonding these past months, I don’t want to neglect my blog for too long.  I’ll write about life in Mazatlan more instead.  And whatever I end up doing this summer.  A plan is formulating.  In the near future, I have a wonderful couple, Mike and Anne Howard of HoneyTrek.com coming for a month to house/dog-sit again for me while I take a trip up to Calgary to see to things there.  I haven’t been there since September.  Mike and Anne recently completed a trip to Antarctica, making it their 7th continent visited, lucky ducks.  They now live entirely homeless – house-sitting around the world full-time.  And I and the dogs are very lucky that they want to spend time in Mazatlan again.


  1. I love this time of the year in Mazatlán! Quiet until mid-July. I hope you stay a little longer this year.

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